(Animal Party) “…clearly demonstrates your commitment to creating interesting and educational content for children, In particular, your approach to music is fresh and clearly distinguishable from the vast canon of saccharine music for this age group. The music reminded us of childrens media, and it reminded me of the new School House Rock sound.” – Kurt Mueller, Sesame Workshop ( Sesame Street ), New York, NY

“Eric Everett’s Animal Party got all the children dancing at our public library branch while they learned about global ecology.  His popular children’s show was a high-energy, high-participation program geared especially for our wiggly little ones.  There was standing-room only as our all-ages audience of 109 people were on their feet, making animal calls, absorbed in Eric’s imaginative combination of music, education, and storytelling.  We look forward to hosting his program again in the future!” – Lauren Biehl,  Youth Services Librarian   Weaverville, NC

“Thank you so much for making SoundWaters Conservation Day such a success! We had over 1000 people come throughout the day and all the feedback has been great. Everyone had such wonderful things to say about your animal show, the kids were having so much fun, it really added such a great element to the day. It was a real pleasure to work with you and I hope we can do another event in the future together.”  – Katie McCarthy

“Thank you for performing at our recent Hats for Hope fundraiser. It was absolutely terrific! The kids loved it and you were fabulous. I have great pictures of you singing, the kids dancing, and everyone doing the limbo. Again, we really appreciated your efforts in helping us raise over $500- enough to open our fifth hat collection at New York Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center. We hope we can work with you again in the future.” – Lauren Nadan, Westport, CT

“The party was great. It was developmentally appropriate and a great way to kick-off our Amazing Animals expedition. You did an amazing job keeping the children engaged , under control and moving!!! Thank you! Here are some photos. I didn’t edit them! Thanks again!!”  – Heather Tate, Evergreen Community Charter School, Asheville, NC

“I was very pleased with your part of the party. I thought you had a great sense for the children and they loved the singing and the games.  Thanks for your part of it.  Kevin said that his party was the best day of his life!”  – Judy Li, Asheville, NC

“Eric, you were fabulous!  The children in our program were continuously entertained.  They loved the songs.  Not only were they interactive and educational, they had a catchy beat that was very engaging.  The children especially enjoyed moving around and acting like animals.  Thanks so much.” – Lori Mangano, ECC After School Prgm, Fairfield, CT

“The kids enjoyed your show thoroughly and had a great time! We received many favorable comments from parents, and we will definitely bring you back to JV Mall again! Thanks for everything!” – Heidi Khuns, Simon Guest Services Manager, Jefferson Valley Mall, NY

“As the owner of a toy store I highly recommend this for kids of all ages. I have played Eric’s cd in my store and have gotten many great responses to it. I have also had the pleasure of hearing Eric sing live and was very impressed as were the customers in my store. A great gift for your child or another.” – Reviewer

“We very much enjoyed having you play at Alyssa’s party! You are great with the kids, getting them going, etc. Plus we love your songs! It was extra special that we already knew the songs from the CD. When you were getting ready for them to jump the river and sing the Vine-to-Vine song, I saw Alyssa so excited standing in front of you with her hands kind of clasped, sort of jumping with excitement! It was very special for both of my kids and they have talked about it since. We were very pleased to give the CD’s out as the party favors! My kids have really got a lot out of the songs (through repeated listening) about the environmental/animal issues. Hopefully, the songs will sink-in to a few of the 14 other kids who were there! Good luck with all your plans for the cause! I have to tell you, the weekend following Alyssa’s party we made a trip to New Paltz, NY. I think all the way up and all the way back we listened to Animal Party!” – Janel Gehb – New Canaan, CT

“Thank you so much for a terrific “Animal Party” last weekend. It was the perfect combination of fun and education, and you made it easy for all the kids (ages 5-9) to get into the action. Andrew says he really liked the story, and the singing and games were just what we had hoped for. You inspired us all to get in touch with our planet and to do what we can to help. Andrew raised more than $600 for Trees for the Future, (we needed about $500 to adopt a village). Please keep in touch about your movie. Andrew would be thrilled to hear how everything goes and I am sure he’d like to be involved in any way he can. Eric, your work is truly making a difference.”   –  Sue Stern – Greenwich, CT

“The party was awesome – thank you for doing such a great job. Eli had a blast and I think the other kids had fun too.”  – Elizabeth Bacon – New York, NY

“To this date, Russell still talks about his amimal party and your CD is among his favorites – if not his favorite. You made his birthday such a memorable one just by your entertainment alone!!!! He asks about you weekly – we might have to secure you for next year as well!!” – Krauss family, CT

“We had a blast at the party, thank you for making it so memorable. Dylan had a great time!!! The parents of the other children thought that it was a great idea to have you and I am so glad that we extended your time to continue the party for the adults! Every one really enjoyed themselves and came up to me afterwards and complimented you. I think that you are a very talented performer and it isn’t easy being able to perform for both kids and adults… you do it well! I look forward to having you again.” – Lia Vogliano – Southeast, NY

“We absolutely loved your show and our son, Matt, has been talking about you non-stop.  I have caught him frequently over the past two weeks singing, “Animal Party” to himself while he’s been playing and we have your flier posted on our refrigerator that he reads every day to his sister.  He is an official groupie!” – Mark Laubach – Hamden CT

Thank you so much for coming to the party. Every one thought you were great and the songs you played and the amount of time was absolutely perfect. – Liz Rivas – Fairfield, CT

I just wanted to let you know that your show at Nature’s Nursery yesterday was a HUGE success. When I picked up my son, everyone was very excited! The teachers thought it was great. My son was so cute on the way home. He was telling me every detail of the songs, your guitar, etc., etc. Finally he said, “Wow, I’ll have a lot to talk about after I eat my dinner tonight!” (we “talk about our day” after eating). Bryce was so excited that you sang the songs on “his tape”. Well, anyway, thanks so much for doing this and for supporting the PTO of MHHS! I want my older daughter to look into one of your Mystery Parties for her 11th birthday in December … sounds SO cool. Darlene Anderson-Alexander – Brewster, NY

In Nov. ’03 you performed at my sons birthday party and it was a blast. We play your cd all the time. MaryBeth Phillips – Bethel, CT

It was a perfect birthday party – Vida Foubister – Mamaroneck, NY

“Recently my students and I had the privilege of attending a fantastic performance given by Eric E. Everett. Triple E, as he calls himself, entertained us with upbeat and catchy songs from his musical entitled ‘Animal Party’.

My 3rd graders (and the 2nd, 4th and 5th graders also in attendance ) were completely enthralled by this show. Since this was our last day of school before Christmas break, keeping 180 children focused was no easy feat. However, Eric did just that with great finesse.

In addition to the lively songs (many of which involved audience participation) the children were provided with with excellent messages about taking care of animals and caring for the environment in general. What a perfect combination of entertainment and education! A class act!” – Carol Schwandt, St Alphonsus School, Milwaukee, WI

When Eric Everett asked me to write a letter of reference for him i was thrilled, as this act allowed me to give a little back to a person who has given so much himself.

Eric is a grade A performer – not only is he a talented musician but, perhaps more importantly, he has the gift of performance. What I mean by this is his ability to read a crowd as he puts on a show so he can make any necessary adjustments needed to maximize the the pleasure of the audience and the message that he conveys. I’m guessing that his unique gift is derived from the time he has spent as a teacher.

My own children absolutely adore his performance of Triple E. They know practically every word of his CD. He involves kids so they are having fun, but they are still listening. The message does not get lost. He offers a wonderful way to learn.

- Ken Leinbach, Exec. Director Urban Ecology Center, Milwaukee, WI