Calling all actors and actresses to the party please! I will use my 20+ years of teaching Drama to kids to provide guidance as director & cameraman. All guests will be included in the fun with a role and the guest of honor can be the star!

Though you can have a story idea ready, you don’t need a script since kids are good at improvising through play. The camera captures it all and it becomes a wonderful tale on the final edited DVD. A copy for each guest makes a great party gift!

Contact me to share more movie party examples with you.

The story possibilities are endless and can even include talent shows, commercials, and even a Music Video! (Click HERE to see one). You pick the song and I will help plan how you want it to look and in the final edited version. You and your friends will be singing and dancing like the stars you are!

It’s all captured in the moment in a dramatic fashion you would never have expected. No matter what your age, if you can imagine a story we can make your movie! Check out ALL the testimonials to see why this creative fun is one of my most popular parties.

“I just wanted to thank you again for yesterday.  Amelia and all of her friends had a wonderful time.  Your rapport and order with the girls was amazing.  We can’t wait to see the movie!”

(2 weeks later)

“We LOVE the movie.  It is such a wonderful memory of Amelia’s 8th birthday.  I can’t tell you how excited the expressions of all their little faces were when I handed them the movie.  They couldn’t wait to go home and watch.  I have gotten nothing but positive feedback from all of the families.  They love knowing and watching exactly what we did at the party.  Amelia loves her movie and watches it all the time.  Thanks again for organizing such a great party and providing us with a movie that captures the creative spirit of our girl.  You certainly exceeded my expectations!” –  Lisa DePino – Trumbull, CT


You can plan ahead for your big movie as much as you like with costumes,  scenery and props of all kinds. Add any of the other Zowie party entertainment elements to the party and that can be part of your movie too, like a grand celebration for a finale!

Deal3 free DVDs to share with other party guests!