What could be more fun than solving a mystery? Being PART of one! Become a character IN a mystery party! No acting necessary, unless the mood strikes you. It can even be custom written with your ideas for your guests to solve. It can be a fun smaller activity within a larger event or what the party is all about! Any number of guest participants can be involved by creating character teams. 

Guests can be informed of the story characters they will represent before they arrive through invitations or it can be a surprise. Throughout the evening they are given clues by the the Cluemaster from which they must figure out WHO did the crime, HOW they did it and WHY! The culprit is amongst you so watch out for them trying to escape!

You may also order a Mystery packet to host it yourself as the Cluemaster or I will host it for you so you can play a character. Call today for more details on how the excitement will unfold!

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 Mysterious beverages


The race is on! Individual or team characters must follow the trail of clues through the house, neighborhood or city to solve the mystery. An event to remember from a greater adventure!


Become wrapped up in the espionage as you play the spies and double agents out to achieve their own sneaky objectives. Everyone’s on a mission, but who will succeed first? There’s no end to the twists and turns as the plot unfolds.

“You were so organized and it went great, it was the talk of Greenwich, Carolyn has been raving about you…” – Angela  –  Greenwich, CT

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The Mystery Cocktail Hour! The Mystery Dinner Party! I can customize the mystery experience to become part of any event. Another idea is to have the evening segue into a DJ dance party. Adding the music sound system greatly enhances the Mystery experience!