What could be more fun than solving a mystery? Being PART of one! Not for real of course, but still very exciting! The fun of my Mysteries is that you get to solve them as the clues are discovered. The guests at your party will become the characters in the mystery story that is revealed. You must solve it before the game ends or the culprit will get away!

Every mystery is custom-written for your party and can be as spooky as you like. They are catered to specific themes, locations and age groups. There are all kinds of mysteries and they can be oriented around nonviolent themes as well.        

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Mystery Clues

SPY PARTIES are more like a scavenger hunt with fun activities surrounding each clue in the puzzle and a secret code that must be unlocked! There are many scenarios for this as well including a Spy Training Academy! Do you have the skills to be a superhero or spy and help save us from evil? I hope so!

The format is adjusted for the location and event and depending on the age group which can range from 8 to adult for Mysteries and 5 and up for Spy Parties.

“The party was great….the kids told Marissa at school that it was the best party they’ve been to …The mystery game was great and they really got into it. Once again thanks for a memorable party.”  – Tiffany, Trumbull, CT

“Eric, thanks for a great event! The girls adored you and had a wonderful time in their spy adventure!”  – Christine Baker, Hamden, CT

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Make as much preparation around the theme as you like! Create custom invitations with characters and story to get them excited and help them plan for how they will dress. I can create all kinds of decorations around the theme / location of the mystery or key props that are involved!